ASM Mobile Clinic
Outreach to Msholozi

Primary health care to township residents

On Thursdays a mobile clinic outreach is held at Msholozi, an informal township on the outskirts of White River. On average this clinic outreach does about 250 consultations per month. There are three other townships bordering on Msholozi, residents from these townships also attend this clinic. As this is a cluster of relatively new townships, public health services are limited and people have to travel to White River to attend a government Clinic.

Although there are many South Africans living in these townships, many of the residents are from neighbouring countries. High levels of unemployment and poverty occurs in these communities. A common obstacle to accessing health care for most people living in Msholozi and the surrounding townships, is having the taxi fare to get to the nearest government clinic in White River. Added to this foreigners experience high levels of discrimination and antagonism when queuing in public health facilities. Sometimes this causes them not to seek health care early enough.

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