ASM Main Clinic at Peebles

Primary health care to rural people.

On Mondays to Fridays we have clinic consultations at the Main Clinic at Peebles, on the Numbi Gate Road between White River and Hazyview. This clinic also serves as the point from which the mobile outreaches are done. On average this clinic does about 250 consultations per month.

The Main Clinic serves both the local people who live in the Masoyi tribal trust area, in close proximity to Peebles, and the different missionary organizations in the area. However, word has spread about the excellent standard of care that patients receive at the ASM Clinic and now some patients come from as far away as a 100km or more to attend the ASM Clinic. Often the local people use the ASM Clinic as a specialist clinic, coming with complicated or advanced medical conditions that were not picked up, or that were incorrectly diagnosed or managed elsewhere.

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